Week 1 of Lington eCommerce Directory

Lington has been running for nearly a week now, the registration page for a little less than that and already we have 20 plus listings.

A few things I’ve picked up in the 1st week;

Popular eCommerce Sectors

Although I was hoping to only keep the eCommerce sectors down to about 30, people always want a sector as close to what they provide as possible and I found I had to create at least 5 or 6 new sectors based on what people were adding.

I’m going to have to be a bit stricter about this as I don’t want to end up with any more than 50 sectors

Not all Online businesses use eCommerce Stores or eCommerce Platforms

The initial idea for Lington was that it was to be a Directory of eCommerce stores, but had a couple of entries which were Online businesses but not exactly eCommerce stores. I was going to reject these but then thought that was a little unfair, they were genuine Online businesses so I have now changed the initial idea slighyly and are also listing genuine Online businesses too.

Online and eCommerce Platforms

Having made the decision to allow Online businesses as well as eCommerce stores it also meant I had to alter the platforms listings slightly and allow for those not using your typical eCommerce platform.

What next for Lington

Now that I have a few listings I can start experimenting more.
The layouts are all a bit plain at the moment, their is no way of distinguishing grades of listings, no extra content areas, no way of interacting, still too many blank pages, etc.

The blank pages is something I thought about from the start. They are caused by creating the sectors and store platform list before they have an entry in them

I currently list all the sectors on the eCommerce Sectors page and all the platforms on the eCommerce Platforms page.

I will probably change both of these pages so that only the sectors which have a listing in them are listed and only platforms that have a listing in them are listed.

Stats and Analytics

At the moment I have no stats or analytics on the pages so have no idea where the visitors are coming from.
The site is obviously getting visitors as it has 20+ listings in the 1st 5 days I would be particularly interested in finding out how the visitors are finding the registration page so will set up Statcounter later today which should give me a general indication.

More to follow…

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